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Class: 1356

Semi-Automatic Sewing Unit for Assembling Elastic Seat Support Straps. Serial Bus Controller, 2 Lockstitch Sewing Heads

  • Approximately 7 straps per minute
  • 2 Flatbed needle feed lockstitch sewing heads with backtack, footlift, and underbed thread trimmer
  • Elastic web feeder and cutter
  • Turn-up folders to facilitate loading metal clips
  • Turn-down folders fold material after hooks are loaded.
  • Hand-wheel size adjustment
  • Operator just loads hooks and wipes switch. (de-skills operation)
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Max. Sewing Speed 5000spm
Max. Stitch Length 0-44mm
Needle Bar Stroke 31.8mm
Stepping Height 11mm
301 Lockstitch