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Class: 1349

Automatic One-Piece Border Workstation with Faux Tape-Edge Seams



  • One-piece border up to 30″
  • The faux seam gives a self-tape look
  • Faux seam may be taped or a cord inserted if desired
  • Flange can be inserted on any seam
  • No Kevlar thread needed in seams
  • Seams meet known flammability requirements
  • No flip is required at tape edge
  • One person operates up to 4 workstations
  • Tape edge operator has to tape only one seam instead of four without flipping mattress
  • Singer 300U194A sewing head
Max sewing speed (rpm) 3000
Factory preset speed (rpm) 2500
Max stitch length (spi) 5-6
Needle system SN62X5924
Needle size 24/180
Weight of material LIGHT / MEDIUM
Max presser footlift (inch) 5/16
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 1PH 60HZ
Current (amps) 10
Motor type EFKA DC
Air pressure (psi) 80
Air consumption (cfm) 6
Shipping weight (lbs) 2200
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 64 x 132 x 62

Feet per minute: 50

Single Needle 401 Double Chainstitch Bottom Feed and Alternating Feed Looper, Crossline Thread Lubrication Needle Thread Monitor

• 1349600 – Cording insert operation

  1. Operator loads border roll and passes border through guides and onto rewinding mechanism.
  2. Folding guides are activated and workstation produces an edge seam automatically.
  3. After first seam is completed, border roll is returned to original location to start a second seam if required.
  4. A third or fourth seam is produced in the same manner.
  5. Seams are pucker-free and flanging may be added to tape seams if required.
  6. Operator may select any spacing between seams.
  7. Borders up to 30″ may be sewn with one or more faux or taped seams.