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Class: 1342ZT

Zig-Zag or Straight Stitching Reversible Top Belts with Aggressive Feed Dog and Thread Trimming

Reverse feed & belts allow operator to turn panel 90º
Eliminates the need to turn panel 360º

  • 30″ Capacity under arm
  • Belt feed reverses for backtacking
  • Belt driven by stepping motor
  • Electronic DC sewing servo motor
  • Needle positioning
  • Electro-pneumatic presser foot-and-belt lift
Max sewing speed (rpm) 2000
Factory preset speed (rpm) 800
Max stitch length (spi) 5
Max stitch width 3/8
Needle system SN135X1722
Needle size 24/180
Weight of material LIGHT / MEDIUM
Max presser footlift (inch) 3/4
Clearance under the arm (inch) 30
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 320V 1PH 60HZ
Current (amps) 5
Motor type EFKA DC
Air pressure (psi) 80
Air consumption (cfm) 2
Shipping weight (lbs) 750
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 48 x 65 x 62
Single Needle 304 Zigzag Lockstitch Horizontal Hook, Transversal, Large Extended Head Bottom Feed, Top Belt Feed Automatic Presser Footlift Underbed Thread Trimmer

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