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Class: 1332FTS

Foundation Truss Stapler

  • Automatic production of truss rails for wood foundations
  • Fully automatic stapling of truss rails
  • Load hoppers and press start button
  • Touch screen control of truss height via recipes
  • Quick adjustment of hoppers/tooling for truss width
  • Includes 10 machine mounted staple guns
  • Staple guns are quick change for easy reloading
  • Serial Bus or PLC control options with color touchscreen display
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Maximum truss height (inch) 9.5
Minimum truss height (inch) 5
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 1PH 50/60HZ
Current (amps) 40
Air pressure (psi) 95
Air consumption (cfm) 6
Shipping weight (lbs) 4900
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 125 x 222 x 66

Pieces per hour:  Per truss design


1332FTS-KIT1 – Glue application kit for squeak-free trust joints

The operator selects the truss size via a recipe on the touch screen, sets the rail hopper widths, and loads the rail and block hoppers. The operator then presses the start button to initiate the automatic machine cycle.

The conveyor starts and pushes the truss rail blocks underneath the first rail hopper. The first rail is released onto the top of the truss rail blocks and is then pushed under the next rail hopper. The top rail strip is released from the hopper into position. The first stage staple guns are fired to assemble the rails onto the truss rail blocks.

The first stage truss assembly is then pushed onto a gravity conveyor and is then clamped and rotated into position. The bottom rail is released onto transfer cylinders and is then positioned onto the 1st stage rail assembly. The 2nd stage staple guns are then fired to complete the truss assembly. The completed truss is then rotated onto a transfer rail and is then accumulated at the rear side of the machine.

  • Auto workstation accommodates foundation truss heights from 5” to 9.5”
  • Staple guns do not activate unless they contact the truss rail strip.
  • Glue pot and glue application available as an option
  • Extra-large capacity staple gun magazine (460+ staples cap.) available as an option