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5000 5100 E0900 1356

Vetron Flatbed Sewing Machines

Vetron Longarm Sewing Machines

E0900 Series
Automated Embroidery System

Semi-Automatic Sewing Unit for Assembling Elastic Seat Support Straps. Serial Bus Controller, 2 Lockstitch Sewing Heads

1357F 1357M 1357F20 1380-PY6

Semi-Automatic workstation for sewing IsoFix patches into seat backs, 2 moveable programmable pattern tacker sewing units, patented Serial Bus controller

Semi-Automatic, IsoFix button insertion unit, Patented Serial Bus controller, Button orientation, Color recognition

Semi-Automatic Kick Plate Sewing Workstation

Specially Designed Work Aid, Programmable Sequence, Direct LCD Touch Screen Programmable, Stand Alone Patented Serial Bus Controller

5504-J-34 LU1510-7 Mo 6916 G 441

Specially Modified, 1-Needle 3-Thread Overedge, Variable Top-feed, Bottom Differential Feed

LU 1510N-7/LU 1560N-7
Flatbed, Walking Foot,
Lockstitch with Large Hook, Automatic Underbed Thread Trimmer, Automatic Footlift, Automatic Backtack, Automatic Lubrication with Vertical Hook

MO 6916 G
Adjustable Gathering Workstation

Automatic Tubular Tape Feeding Attachment

3110/1 3121 3145/1 3150/1

Automatic CNC Sewing Unit for Sewing of Retainer Strips to Car Seat Covers, Template Controlled, Programmable, Over-Lapping Loading and Unloading

Double Chainstitch Sewing Workstation Sewing Pipeseams for Car Seats

3145/1 & 3145/4
Cutting and Punching Unit for Retainer Strips, Comprising of Roll Feed Mechanism, Punching Unit, Cutting Unit, Microprocessor Controlled and Fully Programmable

Semi-Automatic workstation for attaching tubular tape (wire pocket) to car seats, Programmable start and stop of tape

2235 2521 2545 3745

Triple-feed special high-speed sewing machine with horizontal hook

Special high-speed seamer with needle feed, wheel feed and roller presser

Triple-Feed Special High-Speed Sewing Machine with Vertical Hook

Docu seam system with unison feed


Heavy duty, Single Needle, Two Thread, Double Chainstitch Sewing Machine, with Unison Feed