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Model 5000/5010/5020/5030

Flatbed Sewing Machines

• All control elements including bobbin winder, electronic hand wheel and reverse button are placed at the head module in the user`s direct field of view
• Integrated, electric bobbin winder (continuous winding process even when machine stops)
• Integrated and dimmable sewing light
• Extremely solid construction of housing
• Tilt-assistant for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Optimized hook lubrication with fresh oil
• Integrated motor
• Noise-reduced machine features
• No use of compressed air
• Stored production settings allow for fast and precise set-up of the machine
• User identification by USB-dongle
• Permanent measurement of material thickness thereby dynamic adjustment of needle thread tension, top feed stroke, sewing speed and sewing feet pressure
• Automatic top feed stroke adjustment at cross seams
• Stitch-in-stitch bar tacking

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• 301 Lockstitch
• Max. Sewing Speed: 4000spm
• Max. Stitch Length: 12
• Needle System: 134-135, 90-180
• Needle Bar Stroke: 40mm
• Footlift Height: 20mm
• Stepping Height: 9mm
• Thread: 10/3
• Sewing Field Dimensions: 350x130