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Model 2235

Triple-feed special high-speed sewing machine with horizontal hook

• Very good seam quality and sewing reliability on assembly and top-stitch work on medium to heavy materials
• Excellent results in top-stitching works
• Ergonomically designed and convenient placed control elements — clear and precise functions
• Bobbin winder for a secure and fast start of the bobbin winding process
• Easy access of all adjustments: Top arm cover and head cover can be removed after unscrewing a few screws
• Dial adjustment of stitch length
• 2235 Basic: A version without automatic functions
• 2235 Plus: A version with additional functions (e.g. overload saftey clutch, programmable multiswitch, 2 top feed strokes and 2 stitch lengths preselectable, etc.)

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• Max. Sewing Speed: 3000spm
• Max. Stitch Length: 9mm
• Thread Size: 2
• Sewing Area: 345x120mm