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Model LS1342-7

Cylinder-Bed, Walking Foot, Lockstitch with Large Hook, Automatic Underbed Thread Trimmer, Automatic Footlift, Automatic Backtack

• Unison Feed — Bottom feed, Top feed with alternating presser feet and Needle feed
• Dial adjustment of stitch length
• Dial adjustment of walking foot vertical height movement
• Dual thread tension
• Bottom feed micro-adjustment
• DL Device — Instantaneous adjustment of walking foot vertical movement to enable crossing of heavy seams
• Built-in bobbin winder
• Hook safety clutch

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• Max. Sewing Speed: 2500spm
• Stitch Length: 6mm forward and reverse
• Needle Bar Stroke: 36mm
• Presser Footlift: 16mm Pnuematic
• Needle Size: 135 x 17 to size 180
• Rotating Hook: Large capacity bobbin
• Alternating Foot Stroke: 1-6.5mm
• Hook Safety Clutch: Standard reset with push button
• Lubrication: Centralized wick
• Working Space: 255mm arm to needle
• Stitch Type: 301
• Edge guide
• Material guide
• Folders
• Binder attachments