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Model AMS 210EHL

Computer-Controlled Cycle Machines with Input Function, Stepping-Motor Drive, High Speed, Reduced Cycle Time, Touch Panel Direct Programming

• AC Servo motor direct drive
• Rapid acceleration and deceleration
• Stepping motor drive (X-Y axis)
• Stepping motor controlled thread trimmer
• Active tension, needle thread control
• Programmable intermediate presser foot height
• IP-400 operation panel with programmable functions, and multiple languages
• Memory storage capacity of 200 patterns and a total of 20,000 stitches per pattern can be increased with external media (Compact Flash card) capable of storing 999 patterns and 50,000 stitches per pattern
• Color LCD display of data and functions
• Dry sewing head, Hook lubricated automatically
• Pneumatic work clamp, 2-Stage clamp standard for EHL
• Network capable via (RS-232C: Reverse type) cable connection
• Sewing fields
  AMS-210EHL-1306 60mm (X) x 130mm (Y)
  AMS-210EHL-1510 150mm (X) x 100mm (Y)
  AMS-210EHL-2206 220mm (X) x 60mm (Y)
  AMS-210EHL-2210 220mm (X) x 100mm (Y)

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• Max. Sewing Speed: 2700spm
• Stitch Length: 0.1-12.7mm (0.5mm step)
• Needle Bar Stroke: 41.2mm
• Footlift Height: 20mm
• Variable Lower Pos. of Presser: Standard 0-3.5mm (max. 0-7mm)
• Needle Size: DP x 17 to size 18
• Hook: Extra large capactiy bobbin
• Memory Storage:
   EEP-ROM: 200 patterns (Max. 20k stitches/pattern)
  Smart Media: 999 patterns (Max. 50k stitches/pattern)
• Lubrication: Dry head with minute amt. of lubrication to hook
• Stitch Type: 301
• Programming software PM-1
• Pneumatic inverted clamp device
• Milling unit
• Needle cooler
• One touch utility clamp for quick change of patterns