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Model 5504-J-34

Specially Modified, 1-Needle 3-Thread Overedge (504 stitch), Variable Top-feed, Bottom Differential Feed

• Modified top feed mechanism to increase walking movement of top feed
• Upper and Lower needle bar bushings
• Automatic Lubrication
• Cartridge type oil filter and cooling fan
• Push button stitch length adjustment
• Variable top feed adjusted by lever with micro adjustment
• Bottom differential feed adjusted by lever with micro adjustment
• Thread & needle lubrication system
• High lift stepping foot (foot lifts during feed stroke)

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• Max. Sewing Speed: 6000spm
• Stitch Length: 2.5-5mm
• Needle Bar Stroke: 28.8mm
• Presser Footlift: 8mm
• Stitch Type: 504
• Pneumatic foot lifter
• Vacuum chain cutter
• Gathering attachments