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Programmable Center Knife Gauge Set - Model 1800P ---
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Programmable Center Knife Gauge Set - Model 1800P - Product Brochure ---

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Programmable Center Knife Gauge Set - Model 1800P - Footprint ---

Model 1800P

Programmable Center Knife Gauge Set

• Pocketed Knit Jackets
• Sweatpants
• Pockets for Placket shirts
• Pockets on knit shorts

A retrofit gauge set with movable center knife to facilitate the cutting of pocket opening in panel and pocketing material. Knife begins to cut in front of sewing stitches and moves to the rear of the needles during the sew cycle. This differential in sew length versus cut length may be changed as desired.

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Programmable Center Knife Gauge Set - Model 1800P - Machine Specifications ---
The operator places garment panel and pocketing material under presser foot, presses sewing treadle to begin sew cycle, the knife automatically shifts to the rear position after the beginning backtack is completed. The knife is reset to the front position upon completion of the finished sew cycle, thread trim and footlift. A machine equipped with stitch count capability will allow the operator to press the treadle once to complete the cycle automatically.
SHORTS: 1700 pieces (850 pair) per shift
PANTS PANELS: 1500 pieces (750 pair) per shift
Production depends on material and size of part.
Juki - 1152, 1178
Brother - LT2B832, LT2B842
Mitsubishi - LT2-230, LT2-2230
Pfaff - 442, 1442
Durkopp - 244

1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8"
Specials on request
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