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Automatic Leg Closing Workstation
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Automatic Leg Closing Workstation

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Automatic Leg Closing Workstation

Model AP266

Automatic Leg Closing Workstation

• DC electronic motor & microprocessor controls
• Automatic start & stop
• Electronic active edge guiding system
• Automatic back latch
• Automatic thread cutter
• Automatic piece counter
• Automatic stacker
• Sews hemmed elastic and cuffed legs

An electronically controlled leg closing workstation with automatic backlatch. This unit includes electronic active edge guiding system, providing the capability to sew either straight or contoured seams.

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Automatic Leg Closing Workstation
The operator folds the pant leg, aligns the hemmed or cuffed end and presents it to the presser foot. A photo cell senses the leading edge, drops the presser foot and begins the sewing cycle with a backlatch automatically. Electronic active edge guiding system controls the part during the sew cycle while the operator prepares the next pant leg. When the seam is complete, the machine stops, the thread chain is cut and stacked automatically.
Approximately 600 closed legs per hour, depending on material and size of parts.
Most industrial overlock machines