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Automatic Rib Knit Cuff Setting Station - Model AP23 ---
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Automatic Rib Knit Cuff Setting Station - Model AP23 - Product Brochure ---

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Automatic Rib Knit Cuff Setting Station - Model AP23 - Footprint ---

Model AP23

Automatic Rib Knit Cuff Setting Station

• DC electronic motor & controls
• Automatic start and stop
• Automatic cut-apart
• Microprocessor controlled
• Electronic metering - upper or lower
• Minimal rib knit waste
• Automatic stacker with bundle return
• Automatic piece counter

An electronically controlled cuff setting station, this unit is designed to form rib knit tape up to 8" wide into a cuff band and sew the band onto the sleeves. The station consists of a sewing head and power console, electronic metering device, automatic cut-apart knife, upper conveyor with automatic stacker, and an inclined bundle return conveyor. A preloading conveyor is used in conjunction with lower metering. Rolled or festooned rib knit tape may be fed from top or bottom.

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Automatic Rib Knit Cuff Setting Station - Model AP23 - Machine Specifications ---
Upper rib metering Lower rib metering
The sewing cycle and rib knit metering begins automatically by photo cell and continues as the operator presents the sleeves to the machine. As the photo cell senses the trailing edge, the sleeves are automatically cut apart and stacked on an inclined conveyor. At the completion of the bundle, a foot switch is pressed to return the bundle to the operator or the next operation. When the operator discontinues or slows down the loading process, the system automatically stops to maintain the predetermined distance between the parts and save rib knit. The AP23 will accommodate rolled or festooned rib knit, metered from the bottom or top. The electronic metering system ensures consistent quality and repeatability of operation.
All industrial safety stitch, overlock or coverstitch machines.
(Depending on material and size of parts)
Upper: Approx. 1200 pieces per hour
Lower: Approx. 1500 pieces per hour