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Automatic Edge Guiding System - Model 211EG - Product Brochure ---

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Automatic Edge Guiding System - Model 211EG - Footprint ---

Model 211EG

Automatic Edge Guiding System

• Low cost
• Simple retrofit
• Improves quality
• Reduces training time
• Eliminates trim of sleeve

Electronically controlled edge guiding system that uses an electric eye to sense the edge of the part and align it to the proper position prior to hemming the part.

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Automatic Edge Guiding System - Model 211EG - Machine Specifications ---
With our new edge guiding system, the placement of the sleeve is no longer critical. The operator quickly loads the sleeve to the approximate location, the guiding system exactly aligns the edge and eliminates the trim. After closing the sleeve, the edges match which greatly speeds up the sleeve setting operation as well.

Our new edge guiding system is available as an option on new machines or as a simple retrofit for existing machines and is available for Atlanta Attachment models 211E, 213, and the 411 Hemmer/Seamer workstations.
The operator places parts on the conveyor of the hemming equipment. If the part is not loaded properly, the operator does not have to stop and re-adjust the part, as it will be done automatically BY THE EDGE GUIDING SYSTEM.