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Automatic Cuff Machine - Model 997 - Product Brochure ---

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Automatic Cuff Machine - Model 997 - Footprint ---

Model 997

Automatic Cuff Machine

• 30 Rib knit cuffs cut, folded, and counted per minute
• Tubular or with seams
• Touch screen stores up to 25 styles
• Select the language of your choice
• Fully automatic operation after loading
• Microprocessor controls
• Self-diagnostic software

A fully automatic rib knit cuff workstation, utilizing a programmable microprocessor with touch screen for operator input and style recall. The self-diagnostic software prompts the operator or technician to quickly identify a problem.

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Automatic Cuff Machine - Model 997 - Machine Specifications ---
The rib knit cuff material may be tubular or pre-seamed utilizing the optional sewing module. After loading, the operation is fully automatic. This workstation may be programmable to produce a predetermined style or quantity of cuffs.
Approximately 1,800 cuffs per hour
Depending on material and size of parts.