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Folder Attachments — Custom built to your specifications.

Our highly skilled folder makers produce hand-made custom folders, hemmers and attachments. These craftsmen are able to manufacture a folder to exacting requirements and hold critical dimensions. This ensures that the garment you manufacture will be of the highest quality. Below are a few samples of our high quality craftsmanship. Contact our sales department for specific information on your requirements.

301 — Clean Finish Swing Hemmer

Clean Finish Swing Hemmer

420C — Sleeve Facing Folder

Sleeve Facing Folder

192 — Collarette Binding Folder

Collarette Binding Folder

201 — Right Angle Binder

Right Angle Binder

423 — Elbow Banding Folder

Elbow Banding Folder

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Folders & Attachments for the Sewn Products Industry

folders and attachments brochure   Download a printable pdf here