• Exposed or sandwich cording
  • Can be used in many industries including apparel, automotive, furniture and bedding
368 Self-welt folder with cord
398 Cording attachment
447 Pre-made cord piping, swing-out
447-2 Pre-made right angle piping
447-3 Pre-made right angle piping, swing-out
448 Sandwich cord piping
448-1 Sandwich piper, no cord
448-2 Sandwich cord piper, swing-out
448-3 Sandwich piper
448-4 Topstitch cord piper
449 Piggy back cord piping
451-1 Cord piper for curves & corners
453 Straight type cord welter
453-1 Cord welter, swing-out
453-4 Cord welter, swing-out, plain sewer
453-6 Piggy back welting
454 Pre-made cord welt, swing-out
454-1 Pre-made double cord welt
455 Cord piping for overlock machines, straight or angled, swing-out
455-1 Plain piping for overlock machines, straight type-swing-out, no cord
455-2 Cord piping for overlock, angled type, swing-out
455-3 Plain piping for overlock, right angle type, swing-out, no cord
455-4 Piggy back cord piping for overlock, swing-out
455-5 Piggy back plain piping for overlock, swing-out, no cord
455-6 Pre-made piping for overlock
455-7 Pre-made piggy back piping for overlock
600 Sandwich piping set
601 Top stitch & piping set

Belt Loop Attachments

406-3 Blindstitch Belt Loop
406-3L Blindstitch Belt Loop
413 Center stitch belt folder, overlap
414 Belt and belt loop folder, butt seam
414-1 Belt loop folder
414-A Blindstitch belt loop folder with lining
414-G Belt loop folder for galkin cutters

Last Updated: 3/25/09