• For waistbands on any type garment
  • Single or double piece waistband
  • With or without lining
  • For most single needle, double needle and multi needle industrial sewing machines
358-2 Raw edge elastic waistband, strip load
359 Covered elastic attachment
359-1 Covered elastic attachment wih swing-out hemmer
359-2 Covered elastic attachment
375 Waistband curtain attachment, custom designs
376 Waistband curtain attachment, custom designs
377 Waistband attachment, row-cap
395 Short placket or waistband, strip load
395-1 Short placket or waistband, extra short
395-2E Strip load elastic waistband folder for stretch waistband jeans
397 Collapsible placket or waistband, strip load
402-L Waistband attachment with lining
402-4-L Waistband attachment with lining, clean finish top, serged or bound bottom
402-8-L Waistband attachment with lining., vacuum and tensioner
410 Button stay folder
410-7 Button stay folder, under-stripper
410-L Button stay folder with lining
423 Elbow banding folder
423-1 Elbow banding for small sizes
423-3C Collapsible elbow bander with adjustable top margin
423E Continuous feed elastic waistband attachment for jeans with stretch waistband, when elastic had not been pre-stitched to band
423-E1 Continuous feed elastic waistband attachment, when elastic has been pre-stitched to band
423-3 right angle elbow banding
423-5 Elbow banding
423-6 Elbow banding
423-7 Right angle elastic waistband folder
424 Blue jean waistband folder, available with air jet
425 Over and under banding set
430 Contour waistband attachment with finished end
430-1 Contour waistband attachment with continuous feed

Belt Loop Attachments

406-3 Blindstitch Belt Loop
406-3L Blindstitch Belt Loop
413 Center stitch belt folder, overlap
414 Belt and belt loop folder, butt seam
414-1 Belt loop folder
414-A Blindstitch belt loop folder with lining
414-G Belt loop folder for galkin cutters

Last Updated: 3/25/09