• For making straps, belt loops and handles with and without cording or lining
  • For most single needle, double needle and multi-needle industrial sewing machines
  • Can be used in many industries including apparel, automotive, furniture and bedding
272 Horn folder with cord filler
363 Elastic strap folder, downturn
365 Jacket yoking folder
400 Top stitch binder for roll feed
401 Side stitch loop folder for roll feed
403 Belt and loop folder, strip load
403-FE Finished end belt-strap folder, strip-load
403-2 French facing folder
404 Straight belt or strap folder, roll feed
404-1 Straight folder for vinyl or plastic material
404-D Straight folder
405 Center stitch folder
406 French belt folder
406-1 French belt or belt loop folder
406-2 Belt - belt loop - bra strap
406-2-L Bra strap - belt - belt loops
407 Handle folder
408 Cord handle folder
413 Center stitch belt folder, overlap
414 Belt and belt loop folder, butt seam
414-B Fusing machine folders
414-LRP Roller press folder for fusing machines
415 Upholstery double cord handle folder
416 Lined handle and belt folder
419 Collander machine folders for strap or other trim making, hot roller press
423-4 Eight angle elbow strap or belt folder
425 Over and under banding set
431 Finished end belt & tab attachment

Belt Loop Attachments

406-3 Blindstitch Belt Loop
406-3L Blindstitch Belt Loop
413 Center stitch belt folder, overlap
414 Belt and belt loop folder, butt seam
414-1 Belt loop folder
414-A Blindstitch belt loop folder with lining
414-G Belt loop folder for galkin cutters

Last Updated: 3/25/09