• Guide material consistently under foot of sewing machine
  • For most single needle, double needle and multi needle industrial sewing machines
  • Can be used in many industries including apparel, automotive, furniture and bedding
550 Adjustable lace or trim guide
575 Adjustable ric-rac gide
655 Tube foot
661-A Adjustable guide
661-B Right angle adjustable guide
661-C Adjustable guide, upper
661-Q Stretch waistband elastic attachment

Belt Loop Attachments

406-3 Blindstitch Belt Loop
406-3L Blindstitch Belt Loop
413 Center stitch belt folder, overlap
414 Belt and belt loop folder, butt seam
414-1 Belt loop folder
414-A Blindstitch belt loop folder with lining
414-G Belt loop folder for galkin cutters

Last Updated: 3/25/09