Set and tape Circular Knit Collars

Set and tape Circular Knit Collars


Book Facing Folder
Collar setting and Taping Set-Ups

273-34 & 273-37
Set and tape Circular Knit Collars in One Operation

  • Tape shoulder seam to shoulder seam only
  • No production loss at collar setting
  • Topstitch at final operation allows shirt to be finished, folded, warehoused and labeled as sold
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Simple in-house installation
A pneumatically controlled set of rollers & taping folder designed to apply tape to a circular knit collar while the collar is being sewn
to the shirt.

Heel the treadle to raise the presser foot – load the circular collar over the rollers and under the foot – load the shirt over the rollers and under the foot. A touch of the knee switch shifts the folder to the left and expands the rollers bringing the tape in line with the presser foot. Drop the foot and sew – approximately 1” from the shoulder seam the folder is shifted to the right by depressing the knee switch – continuation of sew will allow the tape to be cut by the edge trimming knife – this produces a neat rounded finish on the tape. The tape may be inserted or retracted at any point in the operation.

Note: The 273-37S operates the same as the 273-37 except the rollers, while adjustable for size, do not expand or retract pneumatically.

Most industrial cylinder arm machines.

Last Updated: 5/4/09