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Binding Attachments

191B Collarette binding folder
192 Collarette binding folder for attaching knit binding to necks and arm holes of knit garments
192A/314B Hem and band folder
192-8 Collarette with air jet feed
193 Picot trim binder
195-2 Carpet binding
199E Right angle binder, flat bed mount
201 Right angle binder
201-E Binder with continuous elastic insertion
202 Right angle swing binder
204 Right angle semi-fold binder
205 Right angle tape binder
205A Right angle tape binder
205-B Swing type right angle tape binder
206 Elastic binder
206-1 Elastic binder
207 Right angle welting binder
207A Right angle cording binder
208 Straight binding set
209 Right angle binding with piping
211 Fitted sheet binder with elastic or raw rubber
212 Off angle binder
212-E Right angle binder with elastic
214-A 30 degree binder with raw rubber for vinyl baby pants
214-B Right angle binder with raw rubber for vinyl baby pants
215 Right angle cap binder for vent opening on baseball caps
220 Edge trim bind folder
221 Mattress tape binder, block binders
251 “C” type binder for vinyl
251-E Elastic “C” type binder with tension
252 “C” type binder for material on rolls
254 Straight binder
271 Binding folder with adjustable guide, bed plate mounting
352 Elastic “C” binder
402 Placket folder, strip load
402-3 Placket folder, uneven turnbacks
402-4 Strip load waistband or placket, semi-fold
402-6 Strip placket/waistband, off-set margins
402-B Strip placket with cord welting
402-L Waistband attachment with lining
402-4-L Waistband attachment with lining, clean finish top, serged or bound Bottom
402-8-L Waistband attachment with lining, vacuum and tensioner
403-FE Finished end belt-strap folder, strip load
420 Sleeve facing folder, strip load
420-8 Sleeve facing folder with air jet feed
421 “C” type banding folder
423 Elbow banding folder
423-1 Elbow banding for small sizes
423-3C Collapsible elbow bander with adjustable top margin
423-3 Right angle elbow banding
423-5 Elbow banding
659 Cap sweatband and visor, roll feed
848 Two-piece blanket binder set
849 Blanket binders for mitered corners
849-1 Blanket & sheet border binder, on swing arm
854-P Sheet & blanket border binder
890 Double binders with adjustable guides

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