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Model 1315

Automatic Tape Edge Workstation

Singer®, Your choice for over 160 years!

• Simple conveyor design allows for easy belt replacement (approximately 1 hr.)
• Electronic needle positioning (no synchronizer)
• Rugged steel frame construction
• Patented Serial Bus Control System (Unconditionally guaranteed for 3 years)
• High lift (7/16") walking presser foot feeding system
• Singer 300UX6 sewing head
• AAC guarantees all expendable replacement parts will be shipped within 72 hours or they will be FREE*!

* Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered.

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The speed of the sewing head can be independently adjusted by the operator for synchronizing head and belt (no more tugging).

Corner sewing speed is adjustable by operator. The mattress always rotates correctly without the operator having to tug to keep the mattress in the binder.

After tape edging the first seam, the operator touches the screen, the mattress is automatically pushed clear of the head and the mattress is flipped and pushed back to the operator.

Automatic mattress flipping eliminates operator handling. Auto flipping mechanism can be installed on either end of workstation.

After flip, mattress is automatically relocated to the sewing head. No tugging by the operator.

Operator platform automatically raises and lowers with sewing head to maintain operator's ergonomically correct height.
20 Pieces Per Hour (2 tape edges)
Automatic Tape Edge Workstation - Model 1315 - Footprint ---
Automatic Tape Edge Workstation - Model 1315 - Functions ---