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Dual Servo 22" Tape Edge Workstation
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Dual Servo 22" Tape Edge Workstation

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Model 1345-3 & 1345-5

Dual Servo 22" Tape Edge Workstation

NEW Singer® sewing head designed for tape edge, not a used modified head.

• Dual electronic servo motors independently control sewing head speed & carriage movement. This eliminates the clutch and its maintenance
• Power table lift & sewing head tilt
• Micro speed adjustment for sewing head allows perfect synchronization with carriage
• Feather touch solid-state knee control
• Electronic braking, no maintenance
• Auto slow-down at corners, tamper proof
• Shock absorber for smooth corner transition
• Electronic needle positioning (no synchronizer)
• Table travel 25" to 38", gives operator comfortable table height
• Stainless steel queen size top
• Stainless steel end cover on sewing head base
• Under table wiring meets UL standards
• Rugged steel frame & heavy-duty center column
• Standard block binders for woven tape in stock
• Custom binders available, 5-7 days
• High lift (7/16") walking presser foot
• Singer 300UX6 sewing head, standard replacement parts in stock

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1345-KIT12 - Dual spool binder
1375S88N - Vibrating binder
1345-KIT15 - Adjustable corner radius

Model 1345-3 - Power glide™ carriage is powered forward & reverse electronically at the touch of the control handle.
Model 1345-5 - Push button carriage release in handle, operator repositions carriage manually.

15 Pieces Per Hour (2 tape edges)

Dual Servo 22" Tape Edge Workstation

Dual Servo 22" Tape Edge Workstation