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Automatic Ruffler with Serial Bus Control System
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Automatic Ruffler with Serial Bus Control System

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Model 1335MB Series

Automatic Ruffler with Serial Bus Control System

Multi-style One Continuous Piece Borders for Foundations, Continental, Pillow-top, Euro-Top Mattresses

• Automatic workstation produces 30 pre-flanged mattress borders per hour
• Heavy-duty double chainstitch sewing head with electronic programmable servo motor
• Stepping motor driven ruffler mechanism
• Powered border roll unwinder to ensure accurate border sizes
• No inner panel needed
• Serial Bus Control System equipped with touch screen for operator input

Seams Meet All Known Flammability Standards

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1335M-520A - Rotary knife assembly
1961KIT10 - Border joining chainstitch (for attaching next band for continuous feed)
1337AT - Pneumatic flotation table
1351 - Miter-Closer Workstation


Model Application Sewing Head
1335MFB . . . . . Drop Feed . . . . . Yamato 1804
1335MGB . . . . . Needle Feed . . . . . Yamato 2002
1335MHB . . . . . Walking Foot . . . . . Singer 300UX6

• Operator enters the style and quantity of borders needed
• Automatic workstation sew flanger to border, measures, ruffles all four corners, marks location for the four miters and then cuts the border to length
• Operator miters and closes mattress border with Kevlar thread using AAC's model 1351 (optional) Semi-Automatic Safety Stitch Workstation
• Automatic workstation produces the next border while operator miters & closes previous border
• Continental style mattress border is now complete and ready to be capped

Pre-flanged Mattress Borders
25 - 30 Pieces Per Hour

Automatic Ruffler with Serial Bus Control System

Automatic Ruffler with Serial Bus Control System