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High Speed, Non-woven, Laser Cutter - Model 1379D ---
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High Speed, Non-woven, Laser Cutter - Model 1379D - Product Brochure ---
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High Speed, Non-woven, Laser Cutter - Model 1379D - Xtras ---

Model 1379D

High Speed, Non-woven, Laser Cutter

3000+ Pieces per Shift*

• New 150 watt model for 2012
• Round, mitered, square or inverted corners
• Programmable for perforated cross-cuts
• Inner panels, foundations, single-sided mattress bottoms and dust covers
• Inventory roll goods only, up to 30" dia.
• Reduce number of SKU's
• Eliminates costly pre-cut panels
• Fully automatic operation
• Download schedule to laser
• Windows operating system
• Touch screen interface
• Unlimited panel configurations
• Automatically cuts panels continually with minimal supervision
• Auto stacks panels
• Operator can easily create and save styles from simple menu driven software
• Quick and easy on-screen order set-up
• All units are supplied with 1 stacker cart and 1 roll cart
• 1 Year Warranty
• Rewind panels for distribution - optional
• Proudly built in the USA

* Production based on 100 watt laser, queen size panels and most common FR material.

  Technical Information:
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1367 - Motorized Carousel
1379990 - Additional roll carts
1379835 - Additional stacker carts
1379211 - Roll Mandrel 1.5"
1379212 - Roll Mandrel 2.0"
1379DW - Rewinder
1379-KIT4 - 150 Watt Laser Upgrade (for 100 watt only)
27.5 Feet per minute at 55 Watts
40 Feet per minute at 100 Watts
50 Feet per minute at 150 Watts
91.5" Maximum Cutting Width
High Speed, Non-woven, Laser Cutter - Model 1379D - Footprint ---
High Speed, Non-woven, Laser Cutter - Model 1379D - Functions ---
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