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Latex and Foam Auto-Pac™
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Latex and Foam Auto-Pac™
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Model 1390FM

Latex and Foam Auto-Pac™

Designed Specifically for Stacks of Latex and Foam Panels

• Splice film with NO WASTE!
• Unique "no contact" photocell array adjusts side seals without distorting stack
• Serial Bus Control System for reliable operation
• Wraps one or multiple pieces of foam up to 21" high
• Left and right seal bars adjust independently
• Extra wide conveyor belts
• Continuous heat seal bars are "double sealed" for strong seams
• Front seal bar for splicing rolls
• Optional hoist for loading film rolls
• Optional side compression ensures a tight wrap
• Optional pneumatic grippers remove and dispose of edge trim

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1391106 - Multi-Roll Holder
    • SAFE, rugged option for all AAC model 1390 Auto-Pac™ workstations
    • Load with forklift, No lifting or climbing
    • 16 roll capacity (up to 12" diameter)
    • Reduces downtime for Auto-Pac™ workstation
    • Frees up storage space on manufacturing floor
1391593 - Side compression
1391332 - Trim removal kit
0411-1903 - Foot switch assembly
1390563 - Hoist system
1391277 - Full compression module

3 Foam Stacks wrapped per min. (no compression)
2-3 Foam Stacks wrapped per min. (with compression)

Latex and Foam Auto-Pac™

Latex and Foam Auto-Pac™