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Roll-Pac™ Workstation
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Roll-Pac™ Workstation
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Model 1306

Roll-Pac™ Workstation

Save storage space and shipping cost of mattresses!

• Automatically compress & pack one unit per minute
• Accepts finished mattress and soft cushions made from foam (without border wire)
• Wrapper - PE, PVC & PU
• Compact design minimizes floor space
• Patented Serial Bus Control System
• Low and easy maintenance
• Easy to operate

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1306016 - Off Load Unit
1306141 - Plastic Roll Carriage
LSC2005 - Conveyor System
Extended Loading Table - Use in case of no Conveyor System
Pre-fold System - Use in conjunction with Auto-Pac™ (1390B) with Compression Module
1-2 Pieces per minute
Roll-Pac™ Workstation
Roll-Pac™ Workstation