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Cool Space 36" Fan
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Cool Space

Portable Evaporative Cooling

Attach a garden hose, plug it in and cool down!

Controlling the climate with evaporative cooling in a manufacturing facility can be an efficient method in hot working areas or during hot summer months. It is a simple cooling system with a fan that pulls hot air in through a thick, moist cooling coil area. As water evaporates through the passing air, it displaces the heat into the air with the result being a mist free air as much as 28° cooler. This system is called COOL-SPACE and is offered in three models, a 16" with a 2 speed fan, a 36" with a 1 speed fan, and a 36" with a 3 speed fan.

Technical Information:

  • 16" Fan Footprint
  • 36" Fan Footprint
  • Downloadable Brochure
16" footprint
36" footprint
Cool Space brochure
Model CS5-162D Model CS5-361D Model CS5-363B
16" Fan 36" Fan 36" Fan
2-Speed 1-Speed 3-Speed
Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
500 sq./ft. avg. cool area 2500 sq./ft. avg. cool area 2500 sq./ft. avg. cool area